Saturday, April 6, 2013

This is How Chicago State Feels About the First Amendment

This is from an e-mail sent to me by a student:

I went to hand out flyers at the Tavis Smiley event at the JCC today. Not IN the building, mind you, but outside. Campus police descended. Officers Burgoyne and Perez, Sgt Mack and Lt Robertson. Told me I couldn't. Told me to go 500' away. At one point one told me I'd HAVE TO LEAVE THE CAMPUS!

Contacts to the media will be made Monday concerning this attempt at intimidation.

I guess this university is not a place for the free and open expression of ideas.


  1. Thanks, Doc. I can be a mulishly stubborn man. The harder I'm pushed, the harder I dig in.

    Lil Wayne seeks to drive me. He'll learn that while I can be led, I'll NEVER be driven.

    "What kind of a people do they think we are? Do they not realize that we will NEVER cease to persevere against them until they, and the world, have been taught a lesson they will never forget?"- Winston Churchill

  2. Wow!! How did you rank the whole police department? All I got for passing out flyers at the Michelle Alexander talk was Patrick Cage yelling at me while defending his lawyerly ignorance of the First Amendment. He had the police in tow but didn't use them. His cartoonish attempts at physical intimidation were laughable. What's wrong with these people?

  3. All the more reason to OCCUPY COOK on Thursday.

  4. If "Tom Paine" sends me a flier about the incident, I will reproduce a few hundred for distribution on campus. Students deserve to know about this.

  5. Just sent it to ya, Paul. Thanks. :D