Monday, April 8, 2013

More of Wayne in Wonderland: City College Enrollment Tanks Under His Administration

I have been able to find total enrollment figures for the City Colleges from 2000-01 through 2008-09. How did Wayne Watson do? The short answer is even worse than he did with the certificate and degree-seeking students. City College enrollment for the 2000-01 year totaled 122,663. In Watson's last year, after declining every year but his final one (when enrollment increased by 83 students), the system's enrollment stood at 95,307, a decline of 22.3 percent. Compared the the Illinois college and community college enrollments, Watson's performance at City Colleges seems particularly dismal. During the same time period, Illinois college enrollment increased by 17.1 percent while enrollment at the state's community colleges grew by 2 percent. How does one continue to be rewarded for constant failure? If our president were an automobile, I'm afraid he'd be an Edsel. Enrollment figures are available here:

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  1. I got options on where I go to school. I got my BA at CSU magna. 3.85 GPA. I had options when I picked CSU back in the fall of 2010. I went to Whitney Young HS. Graduated from there in 1985 with an ACT score of 27, which would be a 30 today. I picked CSU because, as a biracial student, I WANTED to go to a mostly black university. I didn't NEED to. Want vs need.

    What I WANT is determined by choice while what I NEED I must do what I have to in order to have it.

    I do not NEED to be at CSU and I judge it now to NOT be in my best interest to continue at the school. I took part in organizing the sit in today because I WANTED to, not because I NEEDED to. I could have walked away at any time and taken advantage of my options to go to other schools.

    I now have to do what I NEED to do. I NEED to protect my investment. And therefore, I will leave CSU.

    Those who don't have the options I have will pay a price I won't. The sit in meant more to those who chose to not show up than it did to me.

    They CHOSE to be victimized by Watson. They can now live with that choice.