Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Audit Stuff

Although the audit findings have not been publicized yet, I think it is likely that our stellar administrative team will find them a positive result. In my previous post, I detailed the total numbers of audit findings for 2013 and the three-year total. However, let’s not look at those numbers in a vacuum.

In 2010, the last year enrollment data is available on the IBHE website, the total enrollment at six schools: Chicago State, Eastern Illinois, Illinois State, Northeastern Illinois, Northern Illinois and Western Illinois totaled 88,307. Chicago State, with 7362 students garnered 8.3 percent of that total enrollment.

As I pointed out in my previous post, auditors found 29 audit exceptions at Chicago State, with 16 repeat exceptions. This brought the total to 104 audit exceptions and 49 repeat exceptions in Wayne Watson’s three years here. Of course, we know that his administration is not responsible, but, nonetheless, a comparison with other universities might be useful here.

Here are the three-year totals at other schools: Eastern: 29 audit exceptions, 8 repeat exceptions; Illinois State: 14 exceptions, 6 repeat exceptions; Northeastern: 29 audit exceptions, 11 repeat exceptions; Northern Illinois, 20 audit exceptions, 11 repeat exceptions; Western Illinois: 22 audit exceptions, 9 repeat exceptions. The three-year totals for these six schools: 114 total exceptions with 45 repeat exceptions.

Statistically, this means that Chicago State, with 8 percent of the enrollment of the six schools possessed 47.7 percent of the total audit findings, and 52 percent of the repeat findings in 2011-13.

The only comparable figures in the state of Illinois belong to the University of Illinois system, with its 3 campuses and better than 75,000 students. They had 30 exceptions in 2013, one more than CSU. For the 2011-2013 period, Illinois had 110 total audit exceptions, six more than our school. Once again, a great job by Wayne and his minions.

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  1. A choice is before us. Centralized control under a corrupt system, or the decentralized shared governene envisioned in the spirit of 1776.

    I hope we make a better choice than Americans did in 1964.