Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The theatre of the absurd that is CSU

I keep thinking of Bonaparte's return from Elba. Clearly CSU is going to be a laughing stock for yet one more reason.
When last I looked at the university's governing documents, the Board of Trustees, not Governor Quinn, still had authority over the university's President, but apparently "A Watson source (Hermene Hartman maybe?) disagrees. See Sneed's Sun Times post below.
Curiouser and curioser... Special Board of Trustees meeting on Friday btw.
The CSU battle . . .
  • If it’s true it’s never over ’til the fat lady sings, why does Sneed hear a tune?
  • To wit: The Chicago State University board’s battle to boot University President Wayne Watson from his top spot (exclusively reported in this column Sunday) is over as far as the board is concerned.
  • “It’s over. Watson has stepped down and is now on administrative sabbatical,” said a board source.
  • The flip side: A Watson source disagrees: “Wayne is on sabbatical. He’s not out yet. The issue has yet to be resolved. It’s up to Gov. Pat Quinn.”

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  1. It looks like the Board is simply going to have to fire him. The sooner the better.