Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bits and Pieces

REMINDER: Board of Trustees Meeting Friday March 1st, 2013, 8AM Library Auditorium

So, is it true that the former president has directed the General Counsel and the Human Resources Director to re-do the contracts of his most notorious crony hires to allow them to be paid for one year after they are presumably dismissed in a university restructuring? If true this might contravene BOT regulations. Curious that the General Counsel and HR Director would risk the inevitable questions that would come especially after their recent double digit pay raises.

Would the former president in his desperation actually communicate libelous allegations about a tenured faculty member and the Chief Academic Officer of the university to the Board of Trustees on the eve of his dismissal? Would his personal attorney, purported to be the spouse of a senior administrator, allow, encourage or participate in such an act which could be the basis for a civil suit? How deep does the conspiracy of petty, personal attack extend? Has it extended to students being paid by the former president to distribute on campus copies of the inflammatory letter referenced by birobi? The former president couldn’t possibly think that his ad hominem attacks on a faculty member would cow the faculty into silence, could he?

Why would the former president retain an attorney who is reported to specialize in criminal defense? Would there be a criminal case brewing as a result of the tenure of the former president? And it couldn’t possibly be true that the former president tried to use state funds to retain the aforementioned attorney but was blocked by the Purchasing Director because of the obvious illegal conflict of interest? Thankfully, no retaliation was directed against the Purchasing Director, who is bound to follow state and federal laws and state regulations.

It is the hope of your humble narrator that this most tragic turn of events is resolved in a way that the university’s interests are protected and its reputation restored. It isn’t the time for “I told you so’s” or retribution. It is now time to prepare the university for its next president through a search process, an endeavor your humble narrator will share his thoughts about with you soon.

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  1. Kudos for the long, arduous fight you and others led even with personal and professional attacks. You truly had the best interests of the university at heart.