Monday, February 25, 2013

Cafeteria Workers Need Our Support

For those who supported our campus food service workers in their struggle to organize a union last spring, here’s an update---They are nearing the settlement of their first contract, which will mean the first raise in a few years for many of the employees! In order to achieve this victory, they could use a little boost from the rest of the CSU Community. They are planning a series of actions over the next two weeks and would love our support as faculty and students as they stride towards justice in their workplace. Please contact me (773-995-2333) or UNITE HERE organizer Stuart Mora (517.648.4573) if you are free for even a part of these events or would like more information about the cafeteria workers' struggle or upcoming events.
 Here’s the calendar:
 Tuesday, February 26th 4pm – 8pm ---house visits to co-workers
Thursday, February 28th 4pm – 8pm ---house visits to co-workers
Friday, March 1st 630pm, on campus---phonebanking the Board of Trustees ahead of the next negotiations
Tuesday, March 5th   Negotiations with Thompson Hospitality
Friday, March 8th ---Board of Trustees Meeting ---Action Time TBA, sometime between 130 and 3pm

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