Sunday, November 11, 2012

They're Here...

The HLC Comprehensive Team Visit is taking place November 11-14th and as I write this they already have begun their business.

We received the final itinerary for the visit this weekend.

Monday seems mostly taken up with meetings with various administrators and directors including the UPI leadership. Tuesday is heavy with meeting various campus constituencies. Some of the team will be split up to meet in concurrent sessions with campus groups. These might be meetings of interest:

12.45 - 1.45 p.m. FACULTY meet with the accreditation team in the LIBRARY AUDITORIUM
STUDENTS will meet at the same time in the LIBRARY ATRIUM

2-2.45 p.m. FACULTY SENATE LEADERSHIP will meet with the accreditation team in LIB 454

2. 245 p.m. ASSESSMENT COORDINATORS will meet with the accreditation team in LIBRARY AUDITORIUM
3-3.45 p.m. STAFF MEMBERS will meet with accreditation team in LIBRARY AUDITORIUM

So, are we on message? On Friday there was a very interesting and --from what I could see-- productive meeting with the Noel Levitz consultants on the Satisfaction Survey of May 2012. The largely negative results of this survey brought up some important topics and even better questions that the university needs to continue to discuss. This accreditation visit should be the beginning of a serious discussion that has been skipped over since Elnora Daniel left office--Quo vadis Chicago State? Someone (not me, not the usual cadre of suspects) raised this at the meeting with the consultants--"Chicago State, where are you going?"
And words passed on from deans to chairs to us this weekend remind us that "it's very important that you try to participate in the accreditation meetings if you can. A full house at the faculty meeting would be impressive to the team. Assessment coordinators are expected to be there as part of their duties."

Advice "for this extremely important visit is to speak truthfully, don't be afraid to admit lack of knowledge about something, and remember the passion that I know we all have for the educational endeavor and for our students."

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  1. I would like to thank all the members of the CSU Community who came out to meet with the HLC Team. Nearly 200 students attended the student meeting; the faculty, staff and community members meetings were also well-attended. The HLC Team was very impressed with the dedication and energy of all those who expressed their views. They saw that we are student-focused.
    Paul Musial, Associate Professor of Mathematics and co-chair of the HLC Steering Committee