Sunday, November 4, 2012

Does "anonymous" Speak for the President's Supporters?

For the past three days, I have waited for any of Wayne Watson’s supporters to disavow the patently false, defamatory and even libelous remarks made by the coward (or cowards) who anonymously authored “An Open Communiqué to Faculty Colleagues at CSU.” Having seen no repudiation of the document’s assertions, should I conclude that Wayne Watson’s supporters endorse them? That their defense of the president rests on outright lies, sophomoric pedantry, uninformed commentary and ad hominem attacks? It seems so based on the caliber of the only extant written defense of the president.

Although my previous post catalogued some of the erroneous or mendacious statements made by “anonymous,” an additional piece of misinformation requires correction. At least one of the new Criminal Justice faculty, Dr. April Bernard, is not a suspected “crony” hire as she comes to Chicago State with more than the requisite academic credentials for her position.

Again, I would invite any supporters of the president to contribute their perspective to this or any other forum. Or do you prefer to allow "anonymous" to speak for you?

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  1. Chicago State University is for all of us, our treasure and our trust, and we should let the world know how we feel about it. I want you to listen to this song to know and remember what we share:

    Love CSU, love her and all who share in her life, now and always.