Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome to 2017

I somehow deleted this post from my esteemed colleague Dr. Beverly. I repost it with my apologies.

So as you loyal readers have supported this humble effort at transparency, I think it only right to thank you for the one million page views we have received since going live March 2009. I didn't think in 2009 when I started the blog that it would have lasted this long and been of such benefit to so many who believe in Chicago State University and want to see it thrive.

Unfortunately for the believers among us, 2016 could well have been the coup de grace for CSU. The senior administration and the Board actively conspired to do their very best to ruin not just the reputation but the ability of the university to recover from years of appallingly bad management, much of which has been documented here. And instead of having the decency to resign en masse for their collective failure, we are still saddled with board members who have demonstrated nothing but contempt for the institution specifically and the academy in general. And the failed former president, who doesn't have the good sense to just go away, continues to hang about for some unknown reason. I suspect he is conspiring to co-opt and undermine the new trustees if there is any inkling that they might park the #CSUclowncar and send the cronies packing.

So what might 2017 bring? There are three things we know are certain. First, the Higher Learning Commission will be visiting shortly. Maybe they will be provided with the plan that shows how to get out and stay out of financial exigency. Second, enrollment is down, somewhere near 2,800 students, making the Fall semester a bit iffy. That makes 13 consecutive semesters of enrollment decline. Third, four new board members will be named by the Governor, possibly as early as this week. These appointments will show how the Governor values CSU. Does the university end up with more trustees who know nothing about higher education and are willing to enable, accept and condone administrative failure or does the university get someone better? Governor Rauner will own what happens from here with these appointments. And going into an election cycle, he desperately needs a win somewhere.

Beyond those three things, who knows what 2017 has in store for CSU. As ever, we will endeavor to remain as transparent as possible and bring you the news as best we can.

Thank you again for all of your support.

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