Monday, April 25, 2016

It's All Better Now Right???

So our intrepid legislators have once again kicked the can down the road and delayed the execution of the condemned until September 2nd. (I know, double metaphor.) Thanks to them for.....??? By my reckoning, cutting the appropriation by more than 50% does not warrant appreciation of this legislative 'achievement'. The struggle to remain viable continues loyal readers. To that end, we must continue to demand full funding for Chicago State University and our students by continuing  to support UPI’s mobilization campaign. As we face this struggle, we will need the help of all UPI members to make this campaign successful. To start, please email Sarah Tarlow, our IFT Field Service Director who works with the CSU-UPI Chapter, the following information: 1) your non-work email address, 2) your cell phone number, 3) your home phone number, 4) your summer availability (partial or complete availability in May, June, July, and August), and 5) a “selfie” (headshot). The picture is so that UPI organizers can recognize you when they are on campus doing organizing stuff. Sarah's email address is Please forward this information at your earliest convenience, but no later than Friday May 6th. Yes, you may have already provided this information in the past, but the Local wants to make sure that you are getting updates. 

Unfortunately this struggle continues and it is up to us to act together and now to ensure that CSU is fully funded and our students served in a way they deserve. 

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