Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Get Out and Vote!

Today is election day in Illinois, and if you have not already voted in early voting please go out and vote today. Hopefully by now all of us who work or study at Chicago State recognize the importance of our elected officials. Over the past year, we have witnessed the damage that one particular official has done to Chicago State and all of higher education in Illinois, and while we can't vote Gov. Rauner (Ruiner) out of office now we can try to mitigate some of the damage he can do in the future. So, please vote. No candidate is perfect, but certainly some do more harm than others.

If you live in a district where a member of the General Assembly has voted with Gov. Ruiner aka Gov. 1%, please consider voting that member out. Of course, there are other things at stake in this election, including the position of Cook County state's attorney where the incumbent (Anita Alvarez) has been called out for her actions complicit in systematic racist police brutality in Chicago. And, I could go on. The point is, though, please vote to give us some small hope for the future of Chicago State, the future of higher education in Illinois, and for our collective future together.

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