Wednesday, September 25, 2013

News Flash: Chicago State, The Incredible Dwindling University, is Bleeding Students!

This has been updated on October 2 to reflect the current data.

The most recent enrollment figures released this morning show that due to the "drop process," the university lost 101 students. This means that enrollment at Chicago State as we speak stands at 5701, a decrease of 406 students (a 6.6 percent decline) from fall of 2012. That makes the enrollment loss since 2010, 1655 students, or 22.6 percent. The enrollment decline attributable to Angela Henderson's tenure as head of Enrollment management? 1175 students--a 17.2 percent enrollment plunge. You might remember her as the person Wayne Watson thought the best candidate for the interim chief academic officer job at our shrinking little university. Should we take the failures of the Watson administration seriously now?

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