Monday, June 18, 2012

The new DAC

The new draft DAC for the Social Sciences is out, with a request for comments by 11am today since it has to be submitted to the provost by 5pm. This is certainly evidence of the administration's strong belief in faculty participation. This execrable document makes clear the administration's desire to destroy tenure at CSU. Those of you who received a copy can peruse it at your leisure, I will simply focus on the revised requirements for tenure/promotion to associate professor. In order to receive tenure under the terms of the new DAC, it will only be necessary for faculty in the Social Sciences to teach excellently using an approved, standard syllabus format while performing at least eight other required activities; to publish at least three peer-reviewed articles or monographs (any articles or monographs accepted for publication but requiring revision do not count); and to engage in 20 service activities, including required activities in the community and in the category of enrollment, retention and graduation. Requirements for each yearly retention category have been made much more stringent as have requirements for further promotion and post tenure review.

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