Monday, June 25, 2012

ALL FACULTY MEETING -Weds. June 27 in SCI 116 To Discuss the Administrative Imposition of DACs

On the weekend, you should have received UPI President Laurie Walter's message calling for a meeting of the Faculty Union membership to discuss what happened to the normally faculty-driven process of DAC creation. The meeting is set for:

Wed., June 27, 2:00-2:50, in SCI 116

From Dr. Walter:
Because of the serious concerns raised by the DAC process, we would like to have a meeting for all UPI members this coming Wednesday, at least those of you who can make it to campus during the Summer. (Those who cannot are of course invited to send ideas.) 

The main item on the agenda will be the DAC process and our response(s) to it--but you may bring up any other issues of concern, as well.

FYI. There may also be a joint meeting of CSU/UPI with the Faculty Senate on
Friday morning, June 29th before the Board of Trustees meeting that afternoon.

Faculty should attend both meetings and share in this discussion with colleagues. If you have seen copies of the DACs they are punitive in some cases and contain impossible standards in others and most certainly do not represent our disciplinary expertise. The process the Administration has taken is a violation of the contract and undermines the Board of Trustees' regulations that holds faculty the experts in their areas.

It would do well for the Administration to consider seriously the impact of this flawed process they have undertaken in mandating and imposing departmental criteria. This has not been a faculty-driven process. It reflects ASSessment gone mad especially in its quantity over quality focus. As other blogs have noted, it is an attempt to break tenure and it undermines our academic freedom and creativity as teachers (see Paul Gomberg's two postings).

The students of CSU do not come to the university because of its great Administrators or because of Dr Watson, and they stay IN SPITE OF the Administration. Faculty likewise get teaching, research, and service done IN SPITE OF, not because of, what the Administration says or does for us. The students want what we have (as one student said at the Board of Trustees' meeting this year), not what the administration has. The faculty must take back their primacy of place in this hijacked DAC process, in oversight of the curriculum, and in hiring faculty colleagues at CSU.

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  1. The meeting on Wednesday, June 27, 2:00 will be held in SCI 116. All faculty who can make it, please come!