Thursday, May 24, 2012


The HLC Committee has been encouraging "college employees" to complete the Noel Levitz "COLLEGE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION SURVEY". Some colleagues have mentioned to me that they are afraid to fill it out for fear that it is not truly confidential and that there would be retaliation against them by the Admin (Cook offices and beyond) and our culture of rule by personal loyalty. This is a telling point that the committee might want to make note of --the campus climate of fear that faculty full and part-time don't even want to complete a survey to discuss how the culture of fear pervades the place! This is compounded by apathy where there is a strong feeling among many faculty that "no matter what I say "they" will go ahead and do whatever "they" want anyway." Both are still true, unfortunately, in spite of some strides made in the areas of shared governance and transparency of action over the past year. I am forwarding this message from Sarah Austin of the HLC Committee. She assures me that the test is completely confidential and that CSU administrators will not see personal info. In other words, do not fear retaliation.

From Sarah:
Subject: Re: PLEASE complete the HLC: College Employee Satisfaction Survey

PLEASE spread the word that the link goes DIRECTLY to Noel Levitz (tell them to watch the web address when you are directed to the survey)

Noel Levitz does NOT save any info about people who do the survey, and the ONLY identifying info that they record is:

Are you

- Part time or Full time

- Staff, Faculty, or an Administrator

We really need folks who have taken it to tell others that this is important and that it IS confidential.

Noel Levitz Link is posted here:

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