Thursday, May 3, 2012

A few bits and pieces

So I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Dr. Yan Searcy for his service to the Faculty Senate as its President, to the University as an exemplary scholar and to the larger  community in his work with young people. He announced at the April meeting  his resignation to pursue an administrative post where I am sure he will be outstanding. Faculty moving to administration is an archaic phenomenon that has some merit even in the 21st Century.  In the wake of his departure Professor Toth and Drs. Raynovich and Kuzdale were elected to form the Executive Committee along with your humble narrator succeeding Dr. Searcy as President.

CSU, along with all of the state universities have been receiving a repeat audit finding because faculty at state universities have declined to be treated like minimum wage Wal-Mart greeters by accounting for their time. The university has decided to implement a web based time keeping system for faculty. It will account for our normal time and exception time, e.g. bereavement leave. The Director of Human Resources asked for feedback from the Faculty Senate prior to implementation. I suspect that faculty feedback will be productive in implementing this new policy. The surprising thing was that the Senate was informed that the UPI agreed to this new process last year. To say that many Senators were surprised that the Union agreed to this system and not inform the membership or request some discussion would be understatement.

May 17th will mark the Spring Commencement at the Jones Convocation Center. For faculty interested in being faculty marshals please contact me at The faculty marshals lead the graduates into the hall during the processional and lead them out during the recessional. We are anticipating that we will stay in integrity around time and that all participants that have speaking roles will be mindful of the time graduates expect to spend on the ceremony.

Finally, I want to congratulate all the union members elected in the recent election. I also want to thank all those who stood for election offering to serve. I am sure all of the membership is eagerly awaiting the results, including ballots cast and candidate totals. It is my understanding that the Chapter presidents will have the results and determine how to disseminate those results to their respective members. I am hopeful those results will be published on this blog.

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