Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Contract

The new contract has been hammered out and sent round by email for discussion and approval over the next few weeks. On Thursday there will be a meeting of the Union Membership to discuss the contract. Plan to attend on Thursday, Sept. 8th in Wm Science 100.

Considering the Administration's mandating of curriculum changes that we faculty have been pushed to accept (and let ourselves be pushed into accepting), considering the failure of the Administration in consultation over college reorganization, following the same pattern of act first and ask for input later, considering the dispensing of required terminal degrees for hiring at the Dean and VP levels, considering the lack of a faculty representation on the Board of Trustees, this contract is one way to ensure your rights on campus. Does it reflect a notion of faculty purview over curriculum matters? Faculty should note the post-tenure review changes that the Admin wanted in spite of the limits on support for faculty research on campus (other than for pedagogy projects)--two years of no sabbatical approvals. Did we get something in return? For the next five years, do we remain "advisory only?"

Find out on Thursday.

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