Sunday, February 3, 2019

UIC pays our ex-provost Angela Henderson $700,000 --as if this absolves a plagiarist.

For those of you following the saga of Chicago State's corruption--see the pay out to Angela Henderson recipient of multi-no confidence votes here in the Sun Times today. After decimating this university by her incompetence and vindictiveness as the epitome of a crony political hire at the side of her boss Wayne Watson, Angela Henderson was paid a 6-figure salary in August 2019 when she was unceremoniously taken down from the position of Provost. Now the lawsuit against her alma mater allows her to rake $700,000 because of heaven knows what UIC was covering up. 

Do not be fooled by articles such as this one written by Henderson's friend, Maudlyne Ihejirika. Notice, that "Under the agreement, UIC denies wrongdoing.." Notice that Ms Iherjirika solicited no comments from Dr. Bionaz who brought to light the plagiarzed dissertation. Do not be fooled. Ask to see her dissertation and look at it for yourself. Oh wait, you can't get it, it is permanently unavailable. An "anonymous" reviewer in the process declared it not to be plagiarized. Why "anonymous?" If the dissertation has been declared not to be an example of sloppy scholarship and plagiarism and if it is a source of pride for "Dr." Henderson why keep it under wraps? What a joke for those of us who did see it. UIC must have been awfully embarrassed about allowing the dissertation to have gone through approval to have paid out so much. Remember, Wayne Watson, her boss at CSU at the time, was a sitting member of her dissertation committee.

The former corrupt president Watson made Henderson the queen of the crony hires and advancements while she was here even before she obtained her "doctorate." She knows how to play the game. If you fall for her "I'm just a poor woman of color in academe and everyone is trying to take me down" routine quoted here then I'd like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

Angela Henderson might be pretty well off for having been showered with high-paying posts by Wayne Watson while she was with him at City Colleges and then when he brought her here to CSU. She might become rich from all her shenanigans with UIC, but she is still a plagiarist. And she remains a scab on academia's rump.

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