Sunday, April 8, 2018

Important Message: Vote for UPI representatives. Faculty Governance Matters. Election closes on April 20th

There are only two significant places at CSU where faculty exercise a share in university governance: the Faculty Union (UPI) and the Faculty Senate. It is important for faculty to take seriously their role and place at CSU not simply as teachers and researchers but as leaders responsible for the decisions that affect university policies.

This month there is an election for officers of CSU’s chapter of the UPI. With the next contract negotiations already underway we need a strong showing among the voting membership to elect leaders who will stand up for the faculty.

Last week UPI members should have received ballots for the election of CSU’s officers (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer & House of Delegates representatives) to fill out and submit via mail (snail mail).  Because of the awkwardness of the size of the ballot pages you will have to refold the pages to fit into a smaller envelope and then mail in the pre-addressed envelope. You need to sign the back. You will not need extra postage, but you will have to put your own stamp on the letter. Do not mail it via CSU’s office mail pick up. Do not think that mailing it through CSU will save you postage.  The ballots will not be counted on our campus, but at the UPI offices.

Below is a list of the candidates on campus running for various UPI offices. Be sure that the UPI office receives your ballot by April 20th.

 BALLOT FOR OFFICERS AND DELEGATES TO UPI HOUSE OF DELEGATES                                                                                                                                    
OFFICERS - Vote for one for each position                                                                    
Deborah Lynch               
              Louis "Pancho" McFarland                        
              Melany Puglisi-Weening                            

Unit A Vice President                                               
Rosalind Fielder              
Agber Dimah                   
Unit B Vice President                                                
Darrell Darrisaw             
ASP Vice President                                                    
Romona Raymond                       
Hafeez Faridi                   
Mohammad Tauseef                   
Eric Shen                          
UPI Exec. Bd Representative                                                 
Hafeez Faridi                   
Mohd Shahid                  
DELEGATES TO UPI HOUSE OF DELEGATES - Vote for 15                                                           
Araceli Canalini
Jan-Jo Chen
Tiffany Davis
Athanese Gahungu
Gabriel Gomez
Valerie Goss
Ann Kuzdale
Olanipekun Laosebikan
Deborah Lynch
Romona Raymond
Eric Shen           
Virginia Shen

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