Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good News! Dr. Calhoun Gets a Vice President's Job at Kentucky State University

Good news from Kentucky! Kentucky State University had the good sense to hire Dr. Calhoun as Vice President of Student Engagement and Campus Life. Here's the article:

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  1. Best wishes to Thomas Calhoun who deserves all the success the future will bring him after his shameful treatment at CSU at the hands of the Board of Trustees and their phony Management Action Committee--headed by our current provost Angela Henderson and ex-finance, ex-interim prez Cecil Lucy. Of course the deus ex machina behind the ouster of Calhoun was Wayne Watson who I understand continues to wander the hallways of CSU like a spectral presence. Calhoun's biggest crime for these incestuous administrators and trustees? He actually listened and understood faculty concerns for the welfare of the academic side of the university and gave us precedence over the failed Watson cronies. Calhoun made a point of listening to us like colleagues, not like we were the lowest estate in a political ward (remember those ghastly Watson-Henderson "listening tours" we were subject to at department meetings once a year?). Calhoun spoke our language and would have put CSU on course but he did not realize how much he had to stand up to the political incest that has been the undoing of this institution. Why is it that the two best presidents Chicago State University has had in my 20 year lifetime here were also the most short-lived? Dr. Frank Pogue and Dr. Thomas Calhoun were outsiders who could have/would have set this so-called "diamond in the rough" to succeed, but both were harried and hurried off campus before they could effect the change needed here. Good luck Thomas Calhoun, Kentucky State is lucky to have you.