Monday, February 6, 2017

If You Keep Doing Stupid Things, Negative Press Assuredly Follows: The Westside Campus Rises Again from the Ashes

Here we go again. Another story in the Tribune that makes our administration look sleazy and corrupt, admittedly not a daunting task. This time it's the never-ending saga of the West Side Campus, something akin to a dream someone might have while sleeping off the effects of an opium binge. Another legacy of the Watson administration whose various cronies still infest this campus. Here's a link to the story (which is apparently on the front page of the print edition):

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  1. "Still, behind the scenes, the project proceeded." Yeah, without most of the faculty knowing what was going on. CSU built an aquaponics facility without even telling me about it. And I was the only Professor they had who had actually kept fish and not just had a home aquarium.