Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Only At CSU Redux

So only at CSU would you ask the following questions or make the following observations. Why would a failed fund raiser try to stay at the university on the board of directors of a new foundation? Well, you would have to ask Baldy's gang about that. To wit, the Provost appears to be conducting interviews for the new executive director of the The University Foundation at Chicago State (not to be confused with the CSU Foundation). That's very strange considering there really shouldn't be any hiring with a new president coming on board in just a matter of days. It should be left to Dr. Calhoun to influence this effort, not someone whose fund raising ability is well, nil. 
If this were Denmark, then the expression "something's rotten in Denmark" would be appropriate. As this is CSU, your humble narrator is left to shake his head in disbelief at the clown show that is currently performing. From the ridiculous "President Emeritus" to two resounding votes of no-confidence (one from the union and one from the Faculty Senate) in the Provost in the past two weeks to the personnel shuffles to the sham Foundation, I can conclude Only At CSU do these things happen. 
Instead of attempting to fix the shambles that is Academic Affairs, the Fauxvost is flitting about attempting to convince us to mistake activity for accomplishment. The re-appointment of Cheri Sidney to manage Financial Aid is deja vu all over again. Wasn't it her that led the university to its Provisional Status with the US Department of Education in her first stint in Financial Aid? 
Baldy's Gang is still at work with a mission to diminish if not destroy the university. 
Fortunately, there is only one party that bears responsibility for this fiasco and that is the Board of Trustees. Allowing this failed president to continue to pretend that all is well is unconscionable. For those holding the fiduciary responsibility for this institution what does this continued clown show say to the incoming president? How much more difficult will Dr. Calhoun's job be with these incompetents still on campus? Their continued presence is evidence of an absence of honor. The honorable thing for all of these cronies to do is leave before being fired or facing the wrath of those employees who remain. Without Baldy to protect them what unpleasantness might befall them if they remain?
If I believed in conspiracies, I would say that Baldy's Gang is trying to make the university unmanageable so that maybe the new president won't want to come here or will leave soon after arriving and they will get to stay in place. But since I don't believe in conspiracies I will take this behavior at face value and just say it is ersatz administrators playing at school. 
My fervent wish is that play time will soon be over and the kids sent away so that the grown ups can manage this university.

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