Monday, August 19, 2013

Who Got to Hire and Who Didn't This Summer

Here’s the summer scorecard for faculty hiring at CSU. On June 13, 2013, the university website (admittedly a somewhat dubious source listed 31 positions, 29 for assistant, associate, or open professor ranks, 1 full-time lecturer and a “reading educator” position in Elementary Education. The positions broke down as follows: Arts and Sciences: 12 positions (2 in English, 1 in Psychology, 1 in Social Work, 3 in Math/Computer Science, 2 in Geography, 1 in Sociology, 1 (lecturer) in Spanish, and 1 in Biology); Health Sciences: 4 positions (2 in Health Studies, 1 in Nursing, 1 in Occupational Therapy); Education: 9 positions: (4 positions in LIMS, 1 in Early Childhood, 1 “educator” in Reading, 2 in Special Education, 1 in Recreation); Pharmacy: 4 positions; Counseling: 1 position.

Based on the announcement of the upcoming new faculty orientation, it appears that 12 new faculty were hired out of a potential 31: 4 in Pharmacy, 2 in Special Ed, 1 each in Nursing, Psychology, CMAT, Social Work, Biology and Spanish. There are also an additional 3 faculty for positions that were not listed on the website on June 13: 1 in Biology and 2 in Chemistry/Physics. Departments apparently shut out in the hiring process include: English, Math, Geography, Sociology, Occupational Therapy, Reading, Recreation, and LIMS, Health Studies, and Counseling.

I must emphasize the tenuous nature of these figures, given the unreliability of the sources. If anyone has any additional information, I would be happy to revise my calculations.

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  1. I think an important and obvious thing to point out for the record are the number of faculty searches that took place that netted nothing, but cost the university money to run --bringing candidates to campus (airfares, hotel and restaurant bills), wasting hours upon hours of faculty time and effort and contributing to the demoralized attitude that pervades faculty across campus. I wonder if the auditors will construe the waste of state money as a sham (or scam)? I’d love to see the statistics the university provides to HLC for its monitoring report next June. Or will this Administration be done at the trough by then? I know, I know, LOL.

    The failure to hire full-time faculty in light of the disproportionate expansion of Watson administrators, so many with salaries far greater than the longest-serving faculty members, shows exactly where this administration's priorities are. The Legal Department has managed to hire a number of people this summer--all those lawsuits? But what the heck are lawyers doing in Enrollment Management? The replacement of administrators on campus with former City College cronies begun early in Dr Watson's reign is nearly complete. What is essentially a moveable Administrative Org Chart (don’t look now but one week it’s an office, with a director and a staff, the next week it’s absorbed into Enrollment Management) could be posted on as a genealogy of administrative positions populated by friends and relatives of local politicos (notably Emil’s people).

    And don’t even get me started on the number of “interim” positions across campus beginning with the permanent interim position of “department chair” (all are now one-year appointments—do your friends at other universities have to deal with this kind of stuff?).

    To the victor go the spoils and the politicians rule Chicago State. We know that for sure since the Governor’s interference in board of trustees' actions last March. At Chicago State, the Chicago Way has priority over any and all academic and scholarly priorities or protocol.

    Only one more year to go…
    ...yeah right, dream on…

    noelopaN sesoM: PLEH!!!