Friday, July 6, 2012

What next? ...Don't Ask.

Just when you think you can breathe again--Prez' letter saying the old DACs will be in place for another year, UPI has grievances filed against the university for contract violations regarding the DAC issue of last month, up comes something else.

Dr Watson alluded to this at the Board of Trustees meeting last month, that some class managment needed to be done--meaning a pre-emptive strike: cut classes for the Fall before August. Say that again? In anticipation of low enrollment this fall, cut classes NOW that have fewer than 10 students enrolled in them. Rationale? Couldn't tell you--save money? The implication of this great for departments, programs, students and faculty. We may offer courses that don't get enrolled, but if we do not offer them at all now, they most certainly will not be enrolled.

No knowledge of when we hear about the final decision on this one--surprise, surprise.

In the meantime, the University is looking for reps to be on its West-side campus organizing team. Say that again? CSU and the politicians who brought you CSU are moving forward on creating a westside campus. Excelsior! "Ever Upward!" Maybe that's where all the displaced southside faculty and students will have to go.

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