Friday, February 17, 2012

The Union's Response

Here's the union's response to last night's edict.

Dear Ms. Bush, Mr. Cage, and Dr. Mitchell,
It has come to our attention that some members of the UPI Local 4100 bargaining unit have received notices that their computer access will be cut off if they do not immediately sign the proposed Computer Usage Policy recently promulgated by Human Resources. Perhaps some members of the administration are not aware that this proposed policy is a mandatory subject of bargaining, that such bargaining is in process, and that, as part of the process, we were assured by Dr. Mitchell and Mr. Cage that there would be no cessation of access until bargaining was complete.

Please send an immediate correction to all interested parties and instruct your personnel not to restrict computer access for anyone in UPI Local 4100's bargaining unit. Any impediment to our members' important work that results from this situation will have the gravest possible legal consequences.

I will be in my office today (x2185) if you wish to discuss this further.

Laurie Walter
CSU/UPI Chapter President

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