Saturday, January 21, 2012

Faculty Development Opportunities

For those in the humanities and social sciences it has been a difficult couple of years at CSU getting real time off for research and writing if you can't get funding for yourself. In his first year at CSU, Dr. Watson, claiming financial cutbacks (remember all those firings?), banned (or suspended--pick your word) sabbaticals. It seemed counter to the Admin's desire to "raise standards" on campus --mandatory thesis requirements for undergrads and grads were rammed through, but limited money for real faculty development. One could get a leave of absence, but not the traditional 1/2 year at full salary/full year at 1/2 salary that has been part of the contract. I'm happy to report, that they seem to have returned. Rumor has it that some people this year, not sure of the number, have been granted sabbaticals, not just leaves of absence.

Another opportunity that faculty at CSU should pay attention to is the great seminar experience through the Faculty Resource Network at New York University. CSU is affiliated with this and I have been reminded that we need to get as many applications as possible since the CSU affiliation is again in jeopardy.

The week-long summer seminars and the month-long scholar-in-residence info can be found on the faculty resource network website.
Summer Seminars:

Summer Scholar-in- Residence

FRN Webpage

The deadline is approaching soon (Feb. 10th, 2012)/ Housing, breakfast, and lunch are covered. Airfare/travel to NYC is the only thing a participant pays.

Take advantage of the opportunities that we have here.

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