Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who is Cheri Sidney and why is she sending me this annoying email?

Oh right, here at Chicago State High School she's the one with the online degree B.A. making 95,000-100,000+ per year (apparently to send out emails like this). On Saturday she squealed on me and others of my "teaching faculty" colleagues to my Dean and Provost that I have still not submitted my grades. I guess this was so important that we had to by-pass the preferred method of oral communication from powers on high of "telling the deans to tell the chairs to tell the faculty..." Others of "teaching faculty" have voiced irritation over this irritation. But I forget, our university status has been rapidly downgrading to that of a community college with doctoral programs run by school marms.

Grades are due on Monday, well, duh.
Ok Ms Sidney, B.A., here it is for public view: I'll get my grades in on time, but please, please don't report me to the principal.

Cheri Sidney
11:19 AM (22 hours ago)
to David, Cheryl, Derrick, jbalogun, nmaynard, rmilo, sgist, Office, Angela, Debrah, Victoria, Carnice, bhicks

Teaching Faculty:

You are receiving this email because you have not submitted your final grades for the fall term as of December 9, 2011.

In order for the registrar's office to effectively run the end of term process it is imperative that final grades be submitted by December 12, 2011 as indicated in the December 5th communication below.

Please feel free to contact Beverly Poindextor (x3526) or me (x3534) with any questions or concerns.

Cheri Sidney
AVP, Enrollment Management
Chicago State University


  1. I guess you could have avoided this by not being so trifling and getting your grades in on time.

  2. I find it rather funny that you feel the need to continue to denigrate community colleges when your institution has had a laughable reputation for many years. I would send my child to any community college before I would enroll her at CSU. And look, I can use big fancy words like "denigrate" even though I am a lowly community college professor. I guess it really does make you feel all superior to put us down, doesn't it? Why don't you talk to your psych faculty about the nature of inferiority complexes. Enough of your trash talk already.