Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cronyism continued

Just to add to the audaciousness of the Chicago-way cronyism at play in the CSU administration revealed in the previous post by BIROBI--salaries for these M.A., B.A., and Ed.D administrators tops $90,000--this is also public record.

When Dr Watson's own appointment as CSU president was rammed through by Trustee & political friends (now gone from the Board and the ILL Senate), fear was expressed that CSU would be turned into a community college. Who knew that this would become so literally true?

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  1. While on the subject of cronyism and the qualifications of CSU's administators, check out the linkedin site of CIO Ce Cole Dillon,, and note the degrees leading to her present position: BA History and Sociology at Northwestern (anyone else we know who attended Northwestern?), and a JD from Santa Clara. It seems the only job held for more than two years after law school was in customer service (!). reports a salary of $135,000 for this administrative, self-named "Social Networking Savant."