Monday, January 24, 2011

Faculty Town Hall Meeting: Jan 25th --what will we hear?

There is supposed to be a Faculty Town Hall meeting with the President on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 on the Fourth Floor of the New Academic Library at 12:30 p.m.

Things I would like to hear, but don't really expect to:

1. that the CEO and CIO have relented and will put an effort into making and maintaining more "smart" classrooms--last Trustees meeting the CIO targeted faculty neglect for the theft and loss of resources and the reason the university is no longer equipping classrooms.

2. the CEO will be spending more time raising money with all his Springfield connections than micromanaging department chair appointments (or the configuration of classroom labs)

3. that an organizational chart for the university is forthcoming (but it must be difficult with a continuous turnover in the Cook Building, SUB, Library etc etc).

4. that directives (or fiats as they're called in the Bible) from on-high come out in writing rather than from an untraceable source

5. that the quaint academic custom of UNIVERSITY-WIDE SEARCHES be reinstituted for ALL interim positions hired since July 2009: e.g. Deans and above --since this is a state regulation (at UIC human resources says they are bound by Federal regulations for conducting searches for Deans and above since they receive so much federal funding--they don't want to be found wanting during THEIR audit process).

6. that senior administrative university positions will be given to people with university experience

7. that the university will adhere to the Board of Trustees'guidelines that Academic Affairs originate with the academic experts (uh, that would mean the faculty, not the administration)

8. that the university will retain the old mission of CSU until it has actually been accomplished...

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