Friday, December 10, 2010

Faculty Resource Network: to stay or go?

Two emails came my way this week. One of them from Anne Ward describing the next round of courses for faculty from the NYU Faculty Resource Network. See below for details.

The other email from a colleague at CSU who writes that there is a plan for CSU to leave the Faculty Resource Network. This would be a great loss to the faculty here who are already denied sabbaticals, travel funds, and offered very narrowly defined "research" cues (all this taken away while being asked to train and mentor undergrads and grad students to write senior theses and M.A. theses). Anyone who has experienced the benefit of the NYU program MUST write in defense of maintaining CSU's affiliation. By Dec. 12th email Dr Liz Osika: and express your support for CSU to continue to be part of the Faculty Resource Network.

This is what my colleague has to say:

I had a conversation with the Executive Director of Faculty Resource Network, Dr. Szybinski, at Howard University at a seminar in Washington D.C and she raised her concern about Chicago State University leaving the Faculty Resource Network (FRN) program from New York University. This is very distressing news.

In times of financial constraint it is still important that universities support faculty development initiatives. The FRN has been an invaluable venue that has allowed CSU faculty through the years to collaborate with colleagues from other universities around the country, keep abreast of research and trends in our fields, and gather new ideas to bring in the classroom. It would be regrettable to abandon such a program.

I am writing to ask your support for this program. Please email Liz Osika, Director of Faculty Development – Center for Teaching and Research Excellence (CTRE) at, and ask that CSU remain part of FRN. Time is short – please email by December 12th, 2010.

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