Friday, June 11, 2010

AAUP Conference on Shared Governance

Given the discussions at CSU in the past year plus, I thought I would point out that the AAUP is holding a conference on shared governance this fall, with a call for papers right now. Here is the information directly from the AAUP's website:

"The AAUP Committee on College and University Governance is holding what it intends to be its first annual fall conference on shared governance on November 12-14, 2010. This conference will be held in Washington, D.C. The conference will be a combination of training workshops for governance leaders and those aspiring to positions of leadership, as well as sessions consisting of paper presentations exploring all aspects of college and university governance.

The Committee is therefore soliciting proposals for paper presentations from individuals or groups of individuals on all topics relating to college and university governance. Some possible topics for presentations and discussions are:
  • corporatization and challenges to shared governance;
  • principles, structures and effective best practices of shared governance;
  • faculty governance, pedagogy, curriculum and curricular reorganization;
  • the relationship of faculty governance to central administrations;motivating faculty to participate actively in governance structures;
  • the role of tenured faculty, contingent faculty, junior or untenured faculty in shared governance;
  • faculty participation in budgeting, financial exigency or strategic planning;
  • shared governance and assessment, accountability and accreditation;
  • governance and faculty hiring, promotion and tenure;
  • faculty governance and collective bargaining or governing boards;
  • shared governance and individual faculty or departments.
Presenters need not limit themselves to the listed topics. The Committee requests that brief proposals of one- to two pages be sent to: Lenore Beaky (, Committee on College & University Governance.

Proposals should be submitted not later than July 15, 2010."

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