Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shared Governance Conversation

So seven months into the new regime, we are having our first conversation about shared governance at the university. It is a concept and philosophy that some glibly spout and barely understand and clearly don't practice in the way it is intended. Thus we are having a community wide conversation on Wednesday April 14th, from 12-3PM in the SUB Fine Dining area. UPI Local 4100 is graciously providing lunch for this event. All faculty are welcome for all or part of this event.

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  1. In the spirit of shared governance, let me just say that this event should have been advertised much more effectively and well in advance. I heard about it yesterday from a colleague for the first time, and today is the first time a post has appeared on this blog. It should have been announced via email to all faculty and on flyers (hopefully with some details about speakers, etc.), at the very least.

    As a relatively new faculty member, I've noticed that there seems to be a cultural practice at CSU of announcing events with little advance notice. I think this needs to change for there to be widespread participation, which I would see as a necessary prerequisite for shared governance. This speaks to the need to improve communications at CSU in general, something that has come up numerous times.