Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How Long Can Chicago State Survive?

I'm afraid this is another grim update on the status of our university. As of yesterday, the enrollment for spring 2018 stands at 2111, with 5 days until the start of the semester and another "cut" session looming. Why the administration would cut courses with enrollment this low is unfathomable. It looks like we'll be lucky to hit 2500 for the spring semester, unless we get a sudden rush of students registering. What does this all mean? At 2500, our enrollment will be down 4862 students from Fall 2010, a decrease of 66 percent. This will be our 15th consecutive semester of enrollment losses.
What are our administrators doing about this? As they did with President Calhoun, the Watson holdovers are working assiduously to undermine Paul Vallas in an effort to get him out of CSU. Of course, at this point, he is the only administrator with any ideas about how to increase enrollment and revenue. He has reportedly attempted to get the people in Academic Affairs interested in some of these ideas, but at this point little progress has been made. How long can we continue if we continue to hemorrhage students? How long will our administrators--who obviously do not and never had any ideas to move the school forward--be able to collect their lavish salaries? Will they be around long enough to finish destroying this school? Seeing all this is truly sad.

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  1. CSU is an embarrassment. The staff is so lazy and poorly trained . I saw this first hand.