Friday, May 8, 2015

Will she or won't she? Only her human resources director knows for sure...

If you don't want to be bothered attending a Trustees' "listening tour" regarding the presidential search (they have made it clear they do not want to hear from the faculty anyway), here's an update on a non-candidate. This is culled from some documents recently filed in the ongoing Fire lawsuit regarding free expression on campus (i.e. Case No 1:14-CV04970 Phillip Beverly, et al, v. Wayne Watson, et al. "Defendants' Response to the Plaintiffs' Supplemental Brief):

p. 9 In the article titled, "The Rigged Presidential Search. Do You Want Angela Henderson as Chicago State's Next President? An Open letter to the Chicago State Community" Bionaz demeans Provost Henderson's credentials and seeks to undermine her as Provost, all based on the false narrative that she is applying to become the next CSU president...
In reality, Provost Henderson is not seeking the presidency. See Exhibit C, Declaration of Renee D. Mitchell...

And in Exhibit C, Declaration of Renee D. Mitchell, who, being of sound mind, does declare that...
"2. I am the liaison between the current CSU Presidential Search Committee and Greenwood/Asher & Associates, the Executive Search Firm responsible for accepting all applications for the position of CSU President.
3. Greenwood/Asher & Associates reported that, as of May 6, 2015, it has not received an application for the position of CSU President from any internal candidates, including Angela Henderson, Ph.D.
4. Therefore, the Presidential Search Committee is not considering Dr. Henderson as a candidate for CSU President at this time..."

So, at this writing will she/won't she "apply" for the presidency indicates that she hasn't... Hmmmm...

This does not exonerate the Trustees from their machinations and maneuverings of what should be an academic search process. If not Angela Henderson, Ph.D., I wonder who they have in mind? All you Chicagoans out there care to take a guess? I can't keep straight all the local connections and political attachments. Who is Rainbow Push telling them to hire do you suppose? Who among the 'local' political leadership will have more of a say over the presidency of CSU  than those of us who have committed our lives to this university and its students?

The CSU Board of Trustees has made it clear by their actions that they will impose a president on this campus; American Governing Board standards and AAUP shared governance policies be damned. They have organized and established a "search committee" by fiat; have written the job description without input from that committee, let alone the faculty or their representatives; they have chosen the search firm without a bidding process; they have set themselves up to lord it over the rest of us. The path to rigging the selection is paved with the pious words of "transparency" and "consensus."

And I bet in a year's time they will wonder why their way of doing things did not work out any better for them and the university than the last time a CSU board of trustees shoved a president down our throats.



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  2. It says nothing about whether she might be appointed as an interim President, should the search drag on.

  3. "at this time" . . . isn't the deadline to apply June 1? Nothing to stop her from applying in the future.