Monday, May 4, 2015

Breaking News: It's Raining Vice Presidents Here at Chicago State

It's hard to keep up with the always increasing number of Vice Presidents here at the most corrupt university in the United States. Here was the tally from the January 23, 2015 university organizational chart:

Provost and Senior Vice President
Assistant Provost of Graduate and Professional Programs
Assistant Provost of Curriculum and Assessment
Vice President and General Counsel
Vice President of Enrollment Management (vacant)
Vice President of Development (vacant)
Vice President of Administration and Finance (interim)
Associate Vice President of Human Resources
Associate Vice President of Sponsored Programs (interim)
Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance (vacant)
Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance (yes, another one)
Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services (a fairly recent title the girlfriend(?)
Associate Vice President of Academic Personnel

Between January 23 and February 4, 2015, we picked up another one:

Associate Vice President and Athletics Director

Between February 4 and February 6, another one materialized:

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

How can we be expected to keep up with such dizzying expansion? What, exactly do all these Vice Presidents really do?


  1. Hmmm....what do they do? what do they do? Here are a few thoughts:
    1. administer to a dwindling student population
    2. draw salaries between $70-150,000
    3. Allow the pols running the university to give jobs to their friends
    3a, Pillage CSU's coffers; get as much as you can out of it now before the state catches on to what is happening here (LOL, I know, like anyone is going to care)
    4. Provide yes-men and women to the Watson "team"
    5. Provide one more level of bureaucracy to cover the Watson team when something goes wrong
    6. Hire multiple v.p.s in hope that one may actually know how to run a university because the executive team is clueless

    I'm sure I've missed a few more reasons...

  2. Is HR move since they are coming on as associates to other staff members? Guessing they then don't need to advertise the job openings. It also justifies a pay increase with expanded duties.

  3. It's probably a silly question with a complicated answer, but is there anyone in the state who is supposed to check out addition of "Associate Vice Pres of Student Affairs" (and "Associate VP and Athletics Director") plus long list of VPs who do nothing except lie and coverup? At least Anthony Young has enough of a spine to ask "WHY is enrollment headed one direction: DOWN?" Who should be notified in the state about these highly suspect, unadvertised, unjustified "job openings" that obviously represent the opposite of transparency? Why doesn't this state university have to put every single job opening on a website (like CA) called TRANSPARENTCALIFORNIA? The media and legislature needs to investigate these spineless entities pillaging public funds.